Jeannie Cerulean Arts Experiences


Advocacy Tools

Learn advocacy and argument tools to help your team develop a focused and effective advocacy campaigns. Examine successful campaigns and ways to move your message. 

Creative Problem Solving

Go through a creative process focused on solving a problem your team identifies. Teams engage in creative abrasion, creative agility, and creative resolution.

Strategic Planning

Create a meaningful Mission statement and a Values statement that helps your team work together. Build a great communication climate as you enjoy the process of developing shared goals. Find your focus.

Interactive Forums

You can prepare speeches and invite speakers to get diverse and inclusive points of view. Make the forum interactive through discussion and audience involvement.

Improve discussions through preparation and techniques that enhance involvement, participation, vibrancy and efficiency. Be inclusive and use creative process to include diverse points-of-view.


Learn Event Theory to develop community interactions that meet your team’s goals. Events bring people together. Your event can be “high touch” and help your guests to feel good at your gathering. Your events can be “high contact” assuring that your message is embodied, moved forward, gains momentum, and is carried by those attending. Your event can be ongoing, a festival, a one-off, interactive, artful, creative, and enjoyable.

Event Planning