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Creative Process

Creative Process

Put your Team to work on their Creative Process skillset. Move from idea generation to Creative Abrasion. Learn to separate ego from ideas. Take your best ideas to their probable outcome using Creative Agility. The final step of this Creative Process is to employ Creative Resolution which is a weaving together of your Team’s vetted ideas. Once mastered by your Team, this process can be applied to meet your needs for productivity through Innovation.


Creative Process helps you innovate. Focus some efforts into accessing the adjacent possible to deepen your connections to the market. Teams that are supported in their process can deliver on productivity goals.

Ideas with Timing

A Creative Process can help your Team develop ideas that have timing. These vetted ideas have higher connectivity and are well articulated to the client.

Your Team can learn the value of listening to diverse ideas. Through the implementation of Creative Process as a way of working, you will become more successfully inclusive. Imagine an engaged Team that has established tenants for an enviable communication climate.

Diversity & Inclusion

If you want to build a strong Team capable of high productivity, use the Creative Process to discover who you want to recruit. Practice engaging potential Team members. Be engaging throughout the interview process. Capture the stories of potential Team members to be able to evaluate your new hires.

Job Recruitment

Use Creative Process to increase job satisfaction. Add some flexibility to allow your Team to perform at its best, most efficient rate. Avoid burnout and boredom by discovering what engages every member of your Team.

Job Satisfaction

Set and meet goals that will persuade your target audiences. Identify your Target and Leveraging audiences and then reverse engineer the Creative Process. Once complete, your Team can set goals designed to achieve results.

Goals & Targets

Plan and Process. Create Events and Evaluate their successes and failures. Apply the Creative Process to a Team Event. This is a great way for your Team to embody the Creative Process. Your events will have higher Touch and Connectivity. Develop and host an event and be able to articulate to Team members how you achieved the results your event was meant to achieve.

Events & Evaluation