Jeannie Cerulean Arts Experiences

Professional Development

Communication Climates

You and your team can open channels to better communication by creating agreements and setting goals. In this workshop, you will define and determine the parameters of your group's communication climate. Warm it up, and cool it down. Practice and model your desired styles of communicating. Sometimes you face the storm, sometimes you take cover, but you can always assess the situation before taking action. Learning to listen in active ways can improve your conversations, relationships, interactions, and efficiency.

Networking Skills

It is powerful to learn from others, to connect with others, and to innovate through encounters in the adjacent possible. In this workshop we practice cognitive embodiment as we engage in the art of practice. We also explore how to create positive communication environments to help others feel released in networking situations. Develop your networking skill set. Create events that are high touch.


Learn to get what you want in interview situations. Whether you and your team are looking for new talent or you are hoping to find the right fit in an established team, practicing interview techniques will help you. Develop stories and anecdotes that communicate who you are or what your team is all about. Craft open-ended questions. Plan and evaluate in the moment. Know who you are interviewing. Consider using and sharing video to help with hiring.

Practice reading with eloquence while connecting with your audience. Whether you are well acquainted with the text you are reading aloud or have never seen the text you are reading, learning "cold reading technique" can improve your delivery and increase communication. This technique can be used in auditions or in the presentation of written documents. Work on positive pauses, eye contact, projection of feeling and meaning.

Cold Reading Technique         

Explore and practice relationship building. Become conscious of creating pools of friendship with others. Set goals to diffuse issues with others. Become a better listener. Pause more and interrupt less. Learn haptics (touch) and proximates (distance). Broaden your knowledge to become more engaging.

Interpersonal Communication


Learn to excel at Informative, Persuasive, Occasional, and Wish Speeches.. Energize discussions and debates. Strategize and deliberate how to get inclusive outcomes. Speak with diverse audiences successfully. Work on your Leadership Skills. Create successful speaking events. Share recorded speeches. Use humor and anecdotes to the advantage of you and your listeners.

Speech Writing & Performance

In order to continually achieve, your team needs to perform. Develop high levels of problem solving skills, creativity, ability to innovate, and desire to embrace what is good.  High attainment equals collaboration. Discover the Ideal Self by cognitively embody elevated soft-skills.