Jeannie Cerulean Arts Experiences

Theatre Teaching Artist Workshops


In a Directing Workshop, participants learn to be directors through coaching and scene development. If there is a planned production, workshops will be designed to help directors, assistant directors, and stage managers (cast & crew) plan and create the production. 

You may also inquire, if you have the need for a director or assistant director for your project.


Acting skills workshops include voice, movement,  subtext, research, monologues, and scene work. Learn to connect to your emotions, release your voice, develop characters, and work with others.

You may also inquire, if you wish to have private lessons. Acting coach work may be live and/or online.


Through games and exercises in improvisation you develop a higher mental connectivity which can help with better interpersonal communication and idea generation. Learn to be in the moment : a great life enhancement. Find your way out of the box. Learn to tell better stories. Learn to please your partner and your audience.

Improvisation can be used as an add-on to other workshops and events. This tool is used to generate Arts Experiences that target specific learning and development goals.

Practice laughing and improve your team's communication climate. The benefits of laughing are stress relief, lowered blood pressure, and pleasure.

Writing comedy and developing timing as a comedian are the focus of some Laughs Workshops. If you wish to practice comic material that you are developing, you can request private coaching sessions, as well.


Develop fresh material. Get your work on its feet in readings and staged readings.  Work through the process of play creation. Use Event Theory to increase dynamics, clarity, and complexity.

Play Creation. ,In a workshop or course, develop ideas together. Sketch out and present a short play. Generate ideas and story for development.

Play Writing

Whether you choose a novel, short story, poem, author, or theme, you can explore literature by adapting it and performing it. Advanced literacy skills are developed in this process.

If you wish to produce your adapted script, you will need to request permission from the author or entity controlling the rights.

Adapt Literature to Perform