Jeannie Cerulean Arts Experiences

"The Rehearsal" at Mad Knight Brewing Company, Wednesday Nights 6-7 for Tips

“The Rehearsal”

What? Theatrical interactions. Subject matter is subject to change depending on who is present.

How? Vocal work, movement work, scene work, stand-up development, readings, monologues, performance of literature, improvisation. We can also work toward upcoming events, especially Court of Songs (with which we alternate Wednesday nights)

When? Wednesday evenings in St. Elmo (alternating Wednesday with Court of Songs) begins Jan 2 at 6:15 (usualy 1-2 hours alternating Wednesdays evenings with Court of Songs) If you come on a Court of Songs Wednesday, you can probably perform, ask Joshua Songs

Who? Anyone interested in performance

Where? Mad Knight Brewery, basement of 4015 Tennessee Ave in St. Elmo, Chattanooga, TN (down around the back below Tapers and Taps, follow the squirrels)

Why? Our art scene wants to experience, to act, and to become

Working for Tips of all kinds!

Offer: Acting Classes, Spring 2019

Group or Individual sessions.

Contact: (423)432-2482

Improvisation, monologues, scene work, play creation

Class size limit: 13

8 sessions (typically)

This will be a fun and surprising activity for your team or friend group. Let’s plan!

Cerulean is trained in method acting and “Seeming, Being, & Becoming”

Acting Coaching over Skype is also available.

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